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The strength of the lock. The unique aluminum locking system ensures extremely strong joints that withstand the weight of heavy objects. The floor can easily be taken up and installed elsewhere, and the joints will retain their strength.

Alloc's Unique Aluminum Locking System: Alloc flooring's patented locking systems are constructed to form networks of support that absorbs and distributes the stresses that act on a stand high levels of horizontal and vertical forces. Both our precision-made aluminum locking allow the planks to fit together easily and tightly resulting in better looking floors.

AquaResist: The core material within the Commercial, Original and Domestic product lines contain a unique AquaResist HDF board that reduces the absorption of moisture to an absolute minimum. In addition, the edges are sealed against moisture penetration.

Direct Pressure Laminate (DPL)
Alloc's DPL construction provides superior durability and lasting performance. Manufactured between 300 and 500 PSI of pressure, DPL provide a well balanced and stable floor.

Silient System: The Alloc Silient System is a highly effective sound absorbent underlayment. Noise from footseps or falling objects is reduced by over 50% when compared to floors with conventional reduces installation time and waste while making the floor more pleasant to walk on.


Alloc invented the no-glue laminate flooring category nearly 15 years ago, with a commitment to product performance and superior design. All Alloc laminate products are engineered for maximum strength and durability. From long-lasting top layers that provide exceptional resistance to stains and moisture and the authentic wood look, to high performance cores and sound-absorbing underlayments, Alloc laminate floors are crafted to stand up to wear and tear, yet look rich and beautiful for years to come.

Though extremely practical, Alloc laminate floors do not compromise on beauty and style. Today’s laminate floors are better than ever—with enhanced finishes, beveling, textures and detailing that mimic the appearance and feel of real wood. Alloc offers many product lines, each suited to meet specific wear and style needs. Whether you seek a simple-to-maintain floor for your office or commercial environment, or you want a warm look for a den or dining room, Alloc has many options to choose from.

Discover the leader in laminate flooring innovation. Discover Alloc.

Classification: Alloc Commercial is rated a class 34 product and is capable of withstanding more than 8000 cycles on the Taber abrasion test = AC6; which greatly exceeds AC5 (5000 revolutions) rating.


1) Wear Resistant Overlay
2) Melamine Impregnated Decorative Sheet
3) Layers of Treated Kraft Paper
4) High-Density Fiberboard (HDF) Core -
Alloc Aqua Resist
5) Sealed Edges via Wax Impregnation
6) Stabilizing Layer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL)
7) Patented Aluminum Locking System
8) Alloc Silent System Underlay


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