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Formica. A Name That's Never Out of Style.
With fashion experts who stay on the top of the largest in materials, colors and designs, Formica has long maintained a reputation for creating surfaces that meld impeccable style with resilience and ease-of- care. Formica Flooring is no exception. Experimenting with designs, while closely following emerging trends developing in home fashion centers throughout the world, the creative team at Formica Flooring is able to bring to you an ever-expanding palette of hardwoods, slates and travertines. No wonder, when new wall, ceiling, counter and cabinet fashions are introduced, home decorators find beautifully-rended and expertly-produced Formica Flooring products that coordinate perfectly with them.

Fade Resistant
Let the sun shine in. Formica Flooring is non-fading and will retain its brilliance over many years.

Wear Resistant
Formica Flooring stands up to feet stomping, paws scratching and other things known to destroy hardwood in a heartbeat.

Stain Resistant
Because Formica Flooring's special clear coat finish keeps ugly stains from penetrating, "Oops" means never having to say, "Honey, I just destroyed our floor."

Work Resistant
It doesn't take much work to keep Formica Flooring clean. Sweep with a broom, or use a vacuum. Footprints and dirt come off with a damp cloth. For stubborn spots, use our laminate floor cleaner.


Quintessa: Super premium flooring that captures the look, feel and sound of hard-crafted hardwoods.
Exceptionally long six foot planks; Easy installation with Formilock Plus installation System; Single strip Patterns.
Color: 2470 Dalarna Birch, 2471 valhalla Birch, 2773 Stable Oak, 2900 Mocha Walnut, 2901 Brazilian Walnut, 2904 Hard Maple.
Size: 72.64"x7.4"x12mm
Lifetime warranty: wear, fade, stain.

Mirabella: Premium flooring in exotic designs with micro-beveled edges for an authentic look.
Micro-beveled edges; Detailed grain patterns and semi-piano finish; Single-strip patterns;
Color: 2792 Metropolitan Walnut, 2793 Virginia Walnut, 2794 Brazilian Chestnut, 2795 Larissa Chestnut, 2796 Ava Plum, 2797 Ethan Plum, 2798 Swiss Pear, 2799 Brazilian Mahogany.
Size: 54.33"x4.45"x10mm;
30 year warranty: wear, fade, stain.

Messina: High quality flooring with vibrant finish for added wood design clarity.
Vibrant finish for exceptional wood grain clarity; New, easier installation with the 5G locking system; Two and three-strip patterns;
Color: 2550 Cheyenne Hickory, 2551 Fiona Walnut, 2552 Carolina Markant, 2553 Ellis Oak, 2554 Abilene Oak, 2555 Connor Walnut 2556 Aurora Walnut, 2557 Jucaro.
Size: 50.79"x7.6"x8mm
30 year warranty: wear, fade, stain

Bellezza, Venetia, Gianna, Ambra, 12mm Special Value.


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