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Direct-Pressure Laminate
The direct-pressure laminate technology we pioneered is superior because our flooring is completely balanced. The weight and quality of materials and pressure of production is identical on both the top and bottom of the board - creating a perfectly stable product with no bowing or collapsing in the center. This collapsed effect is common with competitors' floors as their top layer is too heavy and the underlayer is not thick enough.

Unlink Technology
An industry-exclusive, this revolutionary technology is featured with our Linesse™ Collection. These floors include three seprate narrowstrips on one plank. Two of the strips slide, allowing you to create a more realistic pattern and making installation fast and easy. The attached Uni Softboard underlayment creates a solid hardwood sound. This revolultionary locking system helps you create the natural appearance of a narrow-strip hardwood floor, while reducing installation time.

Our UniClic Locking System Makes Installation Fast and Easy
The patented locking system that we created revolutionized the industry, eliminating the need for glue. With Uniclic®, you simply snap the planks or tiles together - using either an angled or sliding motion.

•So strong it carries a limited lifetime residential warranty.
•Ensures a damage-resistant surface.
•Guarantees no height differences between boards.
•Can be walked on immediately after it is installed!
•Can be removed and reinstalled.

Revolutionary UniFix Tool
Now it's easy to remove a single plank or replace a damaged section of your Quck•Step® floor - without any cutting or removal of trim pieces. The UniFix™ Tool was designed to quickly and easily remove a single Quck•Step® plank or tile - even from the center of the room - and replace it with a new one. So if a section of your floor is damaged or you discover a hollow spot or floor squeak, it's possible to remove a single plank and fix the problem, without taking up the entire floor or damaging surrounding planks.

ScratchGuard Advanced Finish Protection
All Quck•Step® floors offer protection that guards against scratches and indentation, keeping our floors looking like new. Now new technology is increasing our floors' resistance to abrasion. New ScratchGuard™Advanced Finish Protection helps prevent the micro scratches caused by routine dust and dirt which can dull the surface finish over time.


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