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MeadowView Engineered Hardwood Flooring 3/8" Sale!   3" 5"
Oak $2.69 $2.79
Maple $3.19 $3.29

RidgeCrest 1/2" Egineered Hardwood Flooring Sale!
3" 5"
Oak $3.69 $3.79
Maple $3.89 $3.99
Hickory $3.79 $3.89
Am. Cherry $4.39 $4.49

Chalmette 1/2" Hand Sculpted Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Oak   $4.29
Hickory   $4.39
Maple   $4.49 
Walnut   $4.99 
Cherry   $4.99
Merbau   $4.49 
Braz. Cherry   $4.99 
African Mahogany   $4.99


These precision manufactured floors are made from the finest woods in our inventories, each one individual in its character, proud and unique with its own enduring personality, its own depth of color, its own timeless richness.

Mullican Engineered Hardwood Flooring is perfect for nearly any location, from the mountains to the sea, and can be installed on-grade, above-grade, and below-grade, richly enhancing the life you have chosen.

Chalmette: 1/2" Thick Hand Sculpted Sliced-Face 2.0 mm
Chalmette is hand sculpted from our finest Oak, Hickory, Maple and Walnut to offer you a traditional old world motif in a 1/2" thick Engineered hardwood floor. Precision color matched to our "Chatelaine" 3/4" Solid hand sculpted floors, Chalmette comes in 5" widths for a custom look certain to bring a special warmth and charm to any room.

MountainView Hand Sculpted: 3/8" Thick Sliced/Sawn Face 2.0 mm
MountainView offers lasting value and beauty for any room in your home. This 3/8" Engineered hardwood floor is available in both hand sculpted and distressed styles that are sure to add elegance to any setting.  MountainView is available in four species and 12 appealing colors in a 5" width. MountainView can be installed on any level of your home.

FootHills: 5/16" Thick     Sliced-Face     0.8 mm
FootHills offers enduring value for your home in a 5/16" Engineered hardwood floor. Sliced-cut for the look of a solid floor, FootHills is available in Oak and Maple in 3" widths. Precision color matched to our prefinished Solid product line, FootHills can be installed on any level of your home.

African Legends
The unique depth of color and individual species of African Legends are sure to enrich any room in your home. This is one of the most intriguing collections of Engineered flooring we have ever offered, featuring some of the most compelling hardwoods in the world. The slice face construction ensures beautiful grain detail, which is sure to enhance your own legendary environment

Elk Ridge: 1/2" Thick Rotary Face 2.5 mm
These Engineered floors are both hand sculpted and distressed. Featuring 6" widths, thier offset rotary face construction assures stunning grain definition and exquisite detail. This adventursome collection is designed for those who would like to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors within their home.

Austin Springs LOC-TO-FIT: 1/2" Thick Sliced-Cut 2.0 mm
Mullican Flooring's Austin Springs Collection features our new 5-G easy installation Locking System that allows fast secure installation. Like all our Engineered Hardwood flooring, these finely crafted ½”, 9-ply floors are manufactured from high quality hardwoods. Each Austin Springs floor is precision manufactured to assure you a truly unique look along with fast easy installation.

MeadowView: 3/8" Thick Rotary Face 2.0 mm
MeadowView offers enduring value for your home in a 3/8" Engineered hardwood floor. MeadowView is available in five appealing shades of Oak in 3" and 5" widths. Precision color matched to our prefinished Solid product line, MeadowView can be installed on any level of your home.

HillShire: 3/8" Thick Rotary Face 2.0 mm
HillShire offers enduring beauty to your home in a 3/8” Engineered hardwood floor. Available in 3” and 5” widths with Mullican Flooring’s exclusive Alpha A’lumina® Real World Finish, HillShire offers the style and durability that will complement any living space.

Frontier Wire Brushed: 1/2" Thick Wire Brushed Sawn-Face 2.5 mm 
Mullican continues to expand the boundaries of hardwood flooring with our new FRONTIER Wire Brushed Collection. Frontier Wire Brushed Collection features 5" widths in an appealing array of Oak, Walnut, Hickory and Teak hardwoods. These unique Engineered floors are sure to add a textured warmth to any environment.

Frontier Distressed: 1/2" Thick Distressed Sliced-Face 2.0 mm 
Frontier Distressed offers the feel of the wide open spaces of the Great American West. This 1/2" hardwood flooring is hand distressed, making each floor truly unique. Frontier Distressed features 5" widths in Oak, Teak, Hickory, Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Sumatra Mahogany in 8 attractive colors and is sure to add a distinctive dimension to any level of your home.

NorthPointe: 9/16" Thick Sawn Face 3.0 mm
The timeless beauty and lasting durability of NorthPointe will enrich your home for generations. Offering a sawn face for the look of solid floors in a 9/16" thick Engineered product, NorthPointe is available in Oak, Walnut, and Santos Mahogany and is color matched to Mullican's prefinished Solid product line. Available in 3" and 5" widths, NorthPointe is perfect for any level in your home.

RidgeCrest: 1/2" Thick Sliced-Face 2.0 mm
From Oak to Maple, through Hickory, Cherry, and even Teak, RidgeCrest offers you 1/2" sliced-cut Engineered hardwood for the look of solid floors. Available in 3" and 5" widths, each luscious RidgeCrest floor is unique in its individual character and is certain to enhance any room in your home.

MeadowBrooke: 1/2" Thick Sliced-Face 2.0 mm
These 1/2" Engineered hardwood are slice-cut for the look of solid floors. Available in 3" and 5" widths, each MeadowBrooke floor is unique in its individual character and is certain add stylish beauty to any room.


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