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BAMBOO is a highly renewable alternative wood flooring product. While many people envision that Bamboo plants are harvested like most trees, they are actually cut above the root structure, which remains in place and grows again. Additionally, Bamboo grows very quickly and harvests occur generally after a 3-4 years after planting, while most trees take up to 60 ( sixty ) years to mature. Bamboo plants can grow 6 inches a day and for that reason, Bamboo deforestation is almost impossible.

Bamboo is found in diverse climates, from cold mountains to hot tropical regions. Bamboo is a group of woody perennial evergreen plants in the true grass family Poaceae, subfamily Bambusoideae. From a social perspective, 6 million people in China are employed throughout the Bamboo industry and 600 million people worldwide rely on their income from it.

There are approximately 1500 species of Bamboo plants of which most are not suitable for flooring products. The Mao-Zhu/Moso species found primarily in the Hunan province of Southern China has been shown to be the most apt for the flooring industry. While many Bamboo flooring manufacturers will harvest Mao-Zhu/Moso at three years, the plant does not fully mature until almost 6 years after planting. Also, Bamboo must be treated and processed within two days of harvesting or it will be inferior and degrade more quickly than expected.

Bamboo is one of the world’s most sustainable resources for the following reasons: It is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet. This amazing plant can be harvested annually and will then regenerate itself from the roots, replacing the crop naturally without the need for replanting or crop rotation.

Additionally, rather than requiring costly and damaging pesticides, Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial agents that make it unattractive to pests. It also grows in such dense forests, it inhibits weeds, eliminating the need for chemical herbicides. Its healthy root system enriches rather than depletes the soils resources, which cause pollution.


Exotic Hardwood Flooring:
HAWA’s Exotic pre-finished solid wood flooring is made from one solid piece of wood. All four sides are precision-milled with micro-eased edges.  They are the most beautiful and colorful wood floors available. High wear UV cured Acrylic Urethane aluminum oxide base coats and polyurethane top coats are applied for superior wear and care.

Solid Exotic flooring is available in the following species: Brazilian Cherry, Kempas, Brazilian Teak, Tigerwood and Santos Mahogany in 3-5/8” width and 4-7/8” width. Engineered Exotic is available in Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood and Santos Mahogany. Please see our Product List for more details.


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