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Lyptus Hardwood Flooring
by Weyerhaeuser

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Lyptus® Flooring

Available as solid or engineered flooring, Lyptus hardwood flooring is versatile enough to enrich any floor plan.


Our new generation of Lyptus single-strip engineered flooring redefines versatility. Available in 3 ¼- and 5-inch widths, its standard tongue-and-groove construction allows it tobe stapled, glued down or floated. It is well suited for any area of your home, including below-grade spaces and rooms with radiant heat.

Our engineered flooring is also a good environmental choice. The plywood base is made from native trees harvested under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and meets the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) formaldehyde regulations. Virtually every inch of every log is put to good use — even the residuals are used as fuel.

Choose from a palette of six rich colors and varied strip lengths to create a living space that’s uniquely yours and can endure for years to come.

Thickness ½"
Widths/lengths 3 ¼" wide / 1' to 4' long
5" wide / 1' to7' long
Wear Layer 1/8" solid-sawn face; can be sanded and refinished
Warranty 25-year Limited Finish Warranty from Weyerhaeuser for residential applications, 3-year for light commercial

Solid Strip

An elegant and durable choice for any home, Lyptus solid hardwood flooring is harder than oak, less expensive than walnut, and as beautiful as Brazilian cherry. Available unfinished or in six pre-finished colors, it complements the most stylish interiors.

Its tongue-and-groove construction, natural hardness, and aluminum-oxide finish yield long-standing durability, while its low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels makes it a healthier choice for your household than many other flooring options.

Thickness ¾"
Widths 2 ¼", 3", 4"
Lengths From 11" to 88"
Warranty 25-year Limited Finish Warranty from the manufacturer

Lyptus® hardwood products offer versatility, durability and elegance that will enhance any room in your home. Lyptus derives from fast-growing eucalyptus trees cultivated on well-managed plantations and harvested to sustainable certification standards, making it an environmentally-responsible hardwood.

It features a fine, beautiful grain making it a versatile hardwood that takes a wide range of stains and finishes evenly such as walnut, cherry, mahogany or maple. Depending on the finish material used, a lighter or darker look can be created to complement nearly every décor.

Although Lyptus hardwood is best known for its use as flooring, it is also available as lumber, veneer and plywood, and can be used for cabinetry, millwork, furniture, stairs, and railings – nearly every interior hardwood application. Best of all, Lyptus is priced favorably compared to genuine mahogany and domestic cherry, so you get the unique look and cachet of an “exotic” hardwood at competitive pricing.

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