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Brazilian Walnut / IPE


Botanical name: Tabebuia longiflora. Grows in: South America, Mexico

Hardness/Janka: Janka Hardness: 3680

Dimensional Stability: Below average (11.9%; 38% less stable than Northern red oak).

Color: Heartwood olive brown to blackish, often with lighter or darker striping, often covered with a yellow powder; sharply demarcated from the whitish or yellowish sapwood. Texture fine to medium; luster low to medium.

Grain: Grain straight to very irregular; rather oily looking; without distinctive odor or taste.

Workability: Moderately difficult to work especially with hand tools; has a blunting effect on cutting edges, finishes smoothly except where grain is very roey The fine yellow dust produced in most operations may cause dermatitis in some workers.

Durability: Heartwood is very resistant to attack by decay fungi and termites; not resistant to marine borers. T. guayacan however, is reported to have good resistance in Panama waters.

Uses: Flooring, construction, ship's building, decking, garden furniture, etc.

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