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100 Year Warranty!? Very Tempting!

Source: Flooring Covering News

A key distinction in Lumber Liquidators' 100-year warranty is not what is covered, but what is not covered*


The Bellawood floor is warranted against finish wear from normal household conditions resulting in the exposure of the bare wood. It is also warranted against grading, finishing and milling defects in excess of the waste factor (the term that refers to an allowance for manufacturing and natural defects in flooring and is represented by a percentage). Accordingly, it is warranted that no more than 5% of the total square footage of your purchase of a domestic species and 10% for exotic species will exhibit any manufacturing or natural defects.


Moisture (or Lack of Moisture): Damages caused by moisture (such as leaking pipes, spills, wet mopping, pets, relative humidity, subfloor moisture, etc.) are excluded. Moisture (and dryness) can cause issues such as cupping, crowning, warping, buckling, peeling, twisting or gapping.

Other Site and Environmental Conditions: Defects or damages resulting from extreme indoor conditions (such as extreme heat, radiant heat or exposure to sand); indentations and scratches (caused by pets, furniture, appliances, tools, heels, toys, etc.); improper maintenance and accidents; misuse and abuse, and any wear that conflicts with the care instructions on are not covered.

Gloss reduction: Fading or loss of gloss is not finish wear and not a product defect.

Within the waste factor: Defects in flooring that does not exceed the waste factor are not covered under this warranty.

Poor installation: For example, damage caused by sub-surface, sub-flooring and jobsite environmental deficiencies; improper transportation, acclimation and storage; and bumps or surface dimples created by nailing machines or staples are not covered. Additionally, damages caused by any advice or instructions that conflict with Bellawood's installation instructions and the National Wood Flooring Association's guidelines (regardless of the source) are excluded from this warranty.


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